State/Province/District is required.

S/P/D Membership Portal

If you are wishing to access a State/Province/District Chapter website, please click here to access the listing on the P.E.O. Member website. You may also follow these steps:

  1. Log into the member section of the P.E.O. International Website
  2. Click on Resource Library
  3. Click on Listings & Directories
  4. Click on State/Provincial/District Chapter Website
  5. Click on the correct State/Province/District on the map that appears

The web-based Membership Portal is a link to the P.E.O. Membership database. The password-protected portal allows view-only access to membership data with the ability to generate all reports currently available within the iMIS Membership system.

As instructed by the Executive Board of International Chapter, access to the Membership Portal is limited to the following groups:

  1. State/Provincial/District Officers   
  2. S/P/D Paid Assistants
  3. S/P/D Membership Chairmen and Committee Members
  4. S/P/D Unaffiliate Chairmen
  5. S/P/D Reciprocity Adviser
  6. S/P/D Webmasters
  7. Regional Membership Representatives
  8. Executive Board of International Chapter